Why You Should And Shouldn’t Consider DIY Home Security

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DIY home security is definitely a “thing” right now. As a matter of fact DIY anything is all the rage. People love the empowerment of DIY home improvement, the idea that they don’t need anyone else to get the best. But the problem is, is it really the best? Just because you can put up a few cameras by yourself does that mean it’s the right option? Often times the decision we weigh as adults is who to trust with a part of our lives whether it’s access to our homes or hearts. For homeowners in Salt Lake City the sad truth is, it’s dangerous out there. No matter how we want to believe in the good of humanity, we still need to protect our homes against the bad. So before you launch into installing a DIY home security system consider these reasons for and against both sides of the argument.

What DIY Offers

DIY home security systems are becoming more and more affordable. You can find a system on nearly every discount online retail store and these systems are remarkably easy to install. So, argument #1 for DIY- it’s going to be cheaper than subscribing to professional installation and monitoring.

DSC06444Argument #2- For the independent type, and perhaps the paranoid type, you won’t have to interact with ANYONE you don’t trust. You can set up your security system without inviting any technician or sub contractor into your home. And of course nearly every DIYer is going to tell you that you’ll feel GREAT after accomplishing a project like this.

You’ll have a fantastic relationship with the product, after all you installed and synced every piece together. Argument #3– familiarity with your system means you know how it works and can maintain it easily. Additionally if you set it up then you can probably expand its boundaries as well, meaning expansions and upgrades are also under control.

What Professional Service Offers

Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace 121198339A professional home security company is going to bring in the heavy-weight element of experience. No matter how many pieces you decide to buy and install the technicians for large security companies have installed thousands more than you have. This means they’ll see the flaws in the design before wasting their time with installation. Argument #1– Experience rules the day.

While you might feel passionately that you’re saving money by installing the equipment yourself, you can’t overlook that fact that YOUR TIME is valuable too. It’s just the truth, a professional who has been trained in security can get in, get on with it, and get out of your way in less time than it will take you. Argument #2- Save time and you save money.  Plus did you know that the vast majority of DIY security systems are hooked up wrong and send off false alarms until someone figures out what’s wrong? If you can’t troubleshoot the system you may have to call for a professional to help you out anyway.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you install the system yourself or you have a professional install it, there really isn’t any excuse for not being fully educated on how your security system is going to work. Argument #3– With a professional around you can get all your questions answered and have someone to hold accountable until the system is running properly.

So don’t settle for your own limited ability just because you’ll feel good afterward. That’s a weak answer. Take time and really weigh the options and decide for yourself. Would you rather save money, or know that your family really is protected?