5 Common Mistakes in Home Security Camera System Design

Family of Four on Lawn with Beautiful Home in Background 165142855 Whether you’re DIYing your Salt Lake home security camera system or you’ve decided to team up with a professional monitoring company so you have access to their technicians, home security should never be a hands-off endeavor. As the homeowner there are simply a lot of decisions that you should never leave up to someone else. When it comes to designing your camera or surveillance system there are things you know about your property that will help ensure you’re fully covered. That said, it’s also important to find an expert you can trust to help you avoid flaws in your home security design. For now, here are 5 of the most common mistakes made in home security camera system design.

Failing to Cover Every Entry Point

When it comes to setting up a security system the first vulnerabilities we seek to cover are those which are the most obvious. cameras-15703473890% of burglaries happen through the front or back door so you’ll be completely ready to slap a few cameras up to cover those entrances. But what about the pet door on the sidewall of the garage? And what about the actual garage door? These kind of entry points also need to be covered by whatever security camera system you decide to install. One of the biggest mistakes made in home security design is to focus overly-much on the obvious entry points into the home and leave big gaping holes elsewhere.

Relying Too Much On Common Knowledge

Homeowners everywhere think that security is 100% intuitive. And while it’s true that a large part of home security is just common sense there are many things that need to be researched before you’ll understand them. 1257832_97691437For example, as you decide on the cameras that you’re going to install in your home are you going to use cameras with a resolution of 420TVL or 720p? And which will work better for your needs, fixed focal length or PTZ? The nitty gritty of home security is all about specs and understanding the technology. This is why bringing in an expert technician can really make a difference. Before setting up any system do your homework!

Wrong Camera Angles

This mistake can manifest in a number of ways. If you hook up a camera to cover your front lawn and take careful time making sure the framing looks aesthetically pleasing you’ve wasted nearly a third of your image on sky. Having sky in your footage does little good in most situations especially since it adds a lot of light to your image and can wash out other details. Another way to set up your camera wrongly is to try to focus on too much distance and end up washing out the resolution. Instead try using multiple cameras to cover the same space and get a clear image.

Buying Cheap Equipment

The final mistake to avoid when designing your home security camera system is buying cheap equipment. Just because you can get it on discount doesn’t mean that you should! Too many homeowners who attempt to DIY their security end up with pieces that don’t work, can’t fully integrate with the system and provide a low quality product.

As you design your security system avoid these five mistakes, take time to do your research and make sure you’re only settling for the best!