Get Your High Quality Home Security System Utah!

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We live in an era of the highest technological saturation of all time, and still only 17% of homeowners in America have high quality home security systems or any kind of security system at all! If you haven’t looked at the crime index recently it’s time that you did. Here in SLC we’re not doing so well with our crime rates. As a matter of fact, our chances of being burglarized are 1 in 13, that’s worse than New York! med235045There are a few reasons that we’ve gotten ourselves into this mess, the first one being that Salt Lake City residents are TOO TRUSTING, the second being that we’re stingy! There’s a difference between living well and being wasteful with your money. When it comes installing a home security camera Utah homeowners need that protection just as much as anyone else and you CAN do it affordably. Here are a few of the best ways to get quality protection for quality prices.

Start With What You Already Have

I’m not saying that you need to go out and fit your home with a dozen cameras, and three armed guards. Homes come with built-in home security features, we call these physical security features, and they’re the first line of defense for your home. IMG_0231_2Just take time to maintain these features and start practicing better security habits. For example keep the yard cleaned up, with the foliage trimmed down and the grass cut. Burglars love places where they can hide and a clean yard is not conducive to that. Make sure that all doors and windows have locks that work and then LOCK THEM. Deadbolts should extend at least an inch into the door jam, and door jams should be solid.

Invest in a Home Security System

There are hundreds of security companies out there and though many of them aren’t worth their weight in salt, with a little research you can find one that’s going to be BOTH affordable and high quality. Don’t just sit around now, take action and make sure your home security system gets installed and is working properly.

Include Remote Monitoring

Don’t invest in a home security system unless it’s going to provide you with home automation features.The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305 What are those? They’re just features that allow you to integrate your security system with your smart phone or computer. You can literally check in on your security system from a distance, whether at work or the park or even on vacation. Remote monitoring allows you to see what the kids are up to in the middle of the day or check on the dog.

Include Motion Activation

Along with home automation comes the added bonus of a system that will tell you what’s going on at home. Motion activated cameras can sit silently staring out the front window or watching the door only to come awake when activated by motion. These cameras can send you a text or email alert letting you know that something is going on and allowing you to dismiss or take action depending on what you see.

You see Salt Lake, home security systems have become much more than a burdensome cost, they’re actually incredibly convenient. And wouldn’t you know it, homes with a security system are 300% less likely to be burglarized because crooks don’t want to be caught.

To get started on installing a quality home security system and finding that peace of mind today simply call 866-565-4305.